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How long do hearing aids last?

140-img3.jpgThe most common repairs on hearing aids are from dirt and debris blocking the microphones and receiver. These problems are usually the result of poor hearing aid maintenance. Leslie Lesner will teach you how to maintain your hearing aids, keep them clean and dry, change batteries and correctly store them. When the hearing aids are maintained correctly, they can last five to seven years.

If a hearing aid accidentally gets wet, remove the battery, keep the battery door open and let the hearing aid air dry in a container. Consistent use of a Dry and Store device or a Dri-Aid kit will extend the life of your hearing aids. They will also save your aid if it is accidentally dropped in water.

The best habit you can develop is to consistently store your hearing aids in a container whenever they are removed from your ears. Even if the aids are removed for only a few moments, they can be lost if not placed in a storage box.

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